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Eight Years FunTrackers Clan - Happy Birthday!
News published by Marcel (03.03.2015, 23:14)
Eight Years FunTrackers Clan - Happy Birthday!
» Eight Years FunTrackers Clan - Happy Birthday!

The 3rd of March. There may be times where nearly nothing happens on this page, but at least there are few things that are sure to happen. Like this News article, as every year on the 3rd of March. I think I do not have to tell you, what day today is Biggrin

Can you believe it? The clans history already goes back 1000 years -- if you think binary. 8 years... what a long period of time. Sadly, I still did not have a big interest in TrackMania and Maniaplanet at all in the last year (and often not the time to play anything), and so I may not be uptodate with the latest events.

But I have something planned for the next year: I want to create a new design for the clanpage. The current one is nearly as old as the clan itself, and over time got a little bit outdated. New web technologies are available (*cough* HTML5 *cough*), and offer a lot new features to improve the look&feel of the page. Especially responsive designs cought my interest, having always to zoom in on my smartphone when browsing this site Tongue

And so I will try to come back to the page, using it once more as a little playground to try out new technologies. I will not name a date when the design will be finished, but when it is, you can be sure to see it here at first. (I initially planned to already present a first screen today, but as you can see, there is none yet Sad But at least I have a rough idea of what I want the clanpage to look like ^^ ) [And I have to create a new icon layout for the next year's news, as it gets a little cramped on the FT logo with all those candles Teeth ]

So what about you? What did you do during the last year, or what are you planning to do the upcoming one? Write it in the comments below Biggrin

(11.03.2015, 17:21)
Comment by Osaka-san

But yeah, let's all rejoice in this birthday of our clan
(04.03.2015, 22:31)
Comment by Mandark
Happy Birthday to our clan! Maybe when the new environment will be announced there will be more activity on our forums.

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