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FunTrackers Easter Special 2015 - Let the Search Begin!
News published by Marcel (05.04.2015, 10:13)
FT Easter Special
» FunTrackers Easter Special 2015 - Let the Search Begin!

Few days ago...

I had very bad luck with the eggs the last years. And I have a bad feeling about this year's special, too. I hope the ordered eggs will arrive soon, only few days left until Easter sunday.

Until they arrive, I will continue changing all the old light bulbs, which eat a lot of energy for nothing. Luckily it happened today on the 1st of April, so I was easily able to disguise the outage as april fool.

*Ding Dong*

Ah this must be the package with the eggs. Nice.

Psyduck opens the package to see if the eggs are all right. But they aren't...

Quaaaak, all eggs are broken. How could this happen? Yet there is no time to order new ones, they won't arrive in time. I think the members will have to search for egg pieces again this year.

Let's place the package here in the shelf for now, I have to repair the lights, users seem to get impatient about the situation Biggrin

On the night to Easter sunday, Psyduck returns to the shelf to eventually hide the broken eggs. But...

Gone. They are all gone. Why are they gone? I am sure I put them here. Quaaaak Sad Did somebody find and took them? I can only hope that this person hid the egg pieces in the halls of FT, otherwise we won't have a special this year. Let's pretend I hid them, and hope for the best Biggrin

As a kind of tradition of the FunTrackers, of course there has to be an Easter special this year, too. As last year, the eggs has been split into pieces, and you have to find all the pieces to complete all the eggs.

  • Find all the egg pieces. To mark an egg piece as found, simply click on it: You will get redirected to a script listing the progress of your eggs.
  • The eggs pieces are hidden on the Clanpage only. You do not require a TMF or Maniaplanet account to find all eggs, yet you must be registered to the forums to get to all locations.
  • The egg pieces all appear in their full shape, having the missing part of the egg replaced with the white one.
  • Completely white eggs or eggs from the last specials are not part of the hidden eggs, and do not count.
  • All locations are fair: You do not have to browse through all threads or all pages of anything.
  • Please be fair, too: Do neither tell any of the eggs' locations, nor do ask for any of them.

Are you ready? May the search begin! Biggrin

(06.04.2015, 01:01)
Comment by Osaka-san
Alright, let's do this shit Biggrin
(05.04.2015, 23:06)
Comment by Adsun
Wohoo, let the hunt begin Biggrin
(05.04.2015, 11:00)
Comment by kastun
Yeah, every year ist a lot of fun to search the eggs Smile

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