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FunTrackers Easter Special 2016 - Finished!
News published by Marcel (03.04.2016, 17:35)
FT Easter Special
» FunTrackers Easter Special 2016 - Finished!

And there the week already past since I started the Easter special. As every year, the progress will be locked, and I will reveal the locations of all the egg pieces.

In this special, each egg had its "criterion" with which its pieces have been hidden. When knowing this criterion, finding the remaining pieces was easier. Or at least it was planned to be Biggrin This special was also the first one, where you could receive hints to said criteria of the eggs: When messaging Psyduck with a prive message naming one of the TM environments, he will respond with saying what the egg is about. This hint may not always be helpful, but Psyduck tried his best Tongue

So let's start with all the pieces:

[Image: bay.png]Bay Egg:
Psyduck's hint: I heard the Bay egg pieces like the exchange market. Maybe they want to get swapped with something else?
Criterion: All egg pieces were hidden in the FT eXchange part of the page.
  • Right in the search box of FTX.
  • CLicking the "Reverse" button also reverses the color of the egg, giving you the second part of it Biggrin

[Image: canyon.png]Canyon Egg:
Psyduck's hint: The Canyon egg pieces seem to be very interested into the avatars of the user. Or maybe they aren't.
Criterion: All egg pieces replaced an avatar on certain pages.
  • Replaced the avatar on the User CP summary page.
  • Replaced the avatar in Psyduck's profile.
  • Replaced the avatar in your own profile.

[Image: coast.png]Coast Egg:
Psyduck's hint: Gravity sometimes is huge and seems to affect the Coast egg pieces the most.
Criterion: All egg pieces are placed in the bottom right corner of certain pages.
  • View any forum (not the forum index).
  • View any thread.
  • On the help pages.
  • On the forum search page.
  • On the rules page.

[Image: desert.png]Desert Egg:
Psyduck's hint: I saw a Desert egg piece removing another image and taking its place. But maybe it was only my imagination.
Criterion: All egg pieces replaced another image somewhere on the page.
  • Forum index: Replaced the icon of "Who's online".
  • Clanpage index: Replaced the news icon (for the first 60 seconds after page load).
  • Any forum: Replaced the thread icon of hot and locked threads.
  • User CP: Replaced the icon of read PMs.

[Image: island.png]Island Egg:
Psyduck's hint: When I saw the Island egg pieces, they seemed quite busy. So maybe they won't have the full day waiting for you?
Criterion: All egg pieces appeared in the "Who's online" box on the clanpage index, but only to certain times. The order repeated after 4 hours, so staying online for 4 hours will reveal all pieces to you (assumed you did not miss one Biggrin). So in the following list, e.g. "1:15" is read as "1:15, 5:15, 9:15, and so on". Times are UTC+2 (CEST), but may be off 1 hour as I am not sure what time the server actually uses ^^
  • 1:05-1:10, 2:05-2:10, 3:05-3:10, 4:05-4:10 (5 minutes every hour)
  • 1:35-1:45, 2:25-2:35, 3:15-3:25 (10 minutes in every but one hour)
  • 2:45-2:55, 3:35-3:45 (15 minutes every other hour)
  • 4:30-4:59 (30 minutes once in the 4 hour interval)

[Image: rally.png]Rally Egg:
Psyduck's hint: "God does not play dice!" ("Gott würfelt nicht!") was once said by Albert Einstein. But it seems that the Rally egg pieces like the idea of pure randomness.
Criterion: All egg pieces appear with a probability of 3.33% in the left menu at the same possition, adding up to around 10% chance of seeing one of the pieces. So reloading the page will sooner or later reveal all pieces.
  • Randomly with 3.33% propability.
  • Randomly with 3.33% propability.
  • Randomly with 3.33% propability.

[Image: snow.png]Snow Egg:
Psyduck's hint: The User control panel has a large number of options. I think I saw one of the Snow egg pieces running across them.
Criterion: All egg pieces are in the menu of the User CP as "Register Egg Piece", but depending on which page of the User CP you are, another piece is shown. Clicking through all pages of the User CP will give you all pieces.
  • User CP summary.
  • All the PM related sub pages.
  • "Edit profile" and "Edit options" and their sub pages.
  • First half of the "Miscellaneous" group, including group management, buddy lists and attachments.
  • Second half of the Miscellaneous group, including drafts and subscriptions.

[Image: stadium.png]Stadium Egg:
Psyduck's hint: At the most prominent place, it seems to be impossible to hide where the Stadium pieces took their places. Or are you still missing some of them?
Criterion: All egg pieces are in the Easter special logo in the header, one piece for each theme of the clanpage. Rotating through all themes (in the User CP options) will give you all 9 pieces.
  • Rotate through all themes to get all 9 pieces. Tongue

[Image: valley.png]Valley Egg:
Psyduck's hint: Having several options is always an important thing throughout the page. There are times, when new options get added.
Criterion: All egg pieces added a new option somewhere on the page to integrate better into the page.
  • In any thread: At the bottom, below the options like "Print thread", naming itself "Add Easter Egg Piece".
  • In the forum statistics.
  • When creating a new thread or post, in the list of available icons.

[Image: lagoon.png]Lagoon Master Egg:
This year there was again a Master egg. With TrackMania Turbo released only for a few days, it was natural to take this environment for the Master egg, adding a purple-ish egg to the collection.
Criterion: All egg pieces have the word "lagoon" involved in any form.
  • Send a private message with "lagoon" to Psyduck. Instead of a hint, he complains a bit, and give you the first piece of the Lagoon Master Egg.
  • Search for "lagoon" in the forum search. The egg will replace the Coast piece on the result page.
  • This is the Master piece of the Master egg. Throw away everything else, as this is the hardest piece in this year's special.
    But Mandark shows, that it is not an impossible egg: He ignored all common sense, faced all the danger himself, and entered in the address bar of his browser. And him alone was shown the last of the Lagoon Master Egg pieces.

  • Messaging Psyduck with "Cryo" will let Psyduck respond with "The eggs were expensive enough. As we are a TrackMania clan and no ShootMania clan, I did not order a Storm and a Cryo egg this year.", confirming that there is no Cryo Egg.
  • Messaging Psyduck with "Storm" will let Psyduck respond with the same Cryo message, as of copy-and-paste mistake. It was planned to replace the environment with "Storm", having hiom confirm that there is also no Storm egg. I saw this error only few minutes ago Biggrin
  • As already said, this was the first time where Psyduck actually gives hints to the eggs. I planned this for some years now, but I am always unsure in how much information should be revealed to keep the Easter special a challenge. This was a first test :B

So now let's look on the results of this years special:

Congratulation to:
Cupnadeo lolig for only having the Master piece of the Master Lagoon Egg missing!
Cupgold Sriver with only 1 piece missing next to the Master Lagoon piece!
Cupsilver Rast with only 2 pieces missing next to the Master Lagoon piece!
Cupbronze Osaka-san with only 3 pieces missing next to the Lagoon Master piece!

I also want to mention Mandark again, who was the only one able to find the Lagoon Master piece Wink2

And of course thank you all for participating in the easter special Thumbsup

Ordering the titanium eggs was not a good idea. What to do? I am out of ideas... Psyduck
(04.04.2016, 15:33)
Comment by Mandark
Haha this is awesome Biggrin

If I can't get to the podium, at least I will try to get a honorable mention from now on^^

gg everyone, and thanks a lot Marcel for doing this every year! Thumbsup
(04.04.2016, 12:15)
Comment by Osaka-san
I'm almost completely certain I hit the reverse button and dismissed the change, lmao. Not like I tried this year or anything ( 'w')
(03.04.2016, 20:27)
Comment by kastun
Was fun like every year Smile

But: How I missed the valley piece in the forum statistics?
I clicked all sub categories begining with posts Blink
(03.04.2016, 20:17)
Comment by lolig
damn just checked my adressbar's history since i thought i entered "/lagoon"after the ft site..
but now it seems I spelled: "/laggon"
(03.04.2016, 18:55)
Comment by Rast
I also tried all the url tricks, but I could've tried them with Tongue
Congratulations! Altough I hate the island egg.
(03.04.2016, 17:59)
Comment by Sriver
Damn! I tried all sorts of different URLs (like or, but apparently missed the most obvious one. ^^

Congrats lolig for 1st place! Thumbsup

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