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Clanpage Downtime
News published by Marcel (10.07.2014, 17:51)
General News
» Clanpage Downtime

Sorry for the downtime of the clanpage during the past days.

There were some problems with the DNS, having "" pointing to the actual server. Somehow a second (wrong) IP got into the system, so that the traffic was routed to the wrong server, leading to the blank page. When this problem got fixed, the (correct) server refused to accept any subdomains (such as or, leading to an 404 error.

Luckily the problems seem to be fixed now, having the clanpage available again. If some of the domains still not work, you have to wait until you get the new DNS.

So, welcome back in the forums Biggrin
(10.07.2014, 18:30)
Newest Comment by kastun
Yeah it's back Thumbsup

Maniaplanet 3.0 Release
News published by Marcel (02.05.2014, 18:55)
ManiaPlanet News
» Maniaplanet 3.0 Release!

The new version of Maniaplanet - Maniaplanet 3.0 - has launched its release. This means that you now can experience all the new features which Nadeo build into the game.

[Image: Maniaplanet3OpenBeta.jpg]

The biggest change, what you will directly see after starting the game, is the new menu: Instead of only having the title stations, you now get latest news at the front. Bored of always playing the same environment on a server? No problem, multi-environment-support for the TM²-titles has been added - as long as you own the titles, you can play all three of them on the same server.

The main changes are:

Maniaplanet as a better game operating system
  • Improved user interface for buddies, news & servers browser
  • A central store to easily explore & play user made titles
  • Improved support for custom data like 3D objects
  • Optimizations: CPU & GPU

Maniaplanet to allow more diversity for
  • odes: thanks to many features for the script
  • actions: thanks to a dedicated tool, including making of weapons
  • maps: thanks to the ability to remove constraints from the editor
  • atmospheres: thanks to mods or real time ambiance track

Trackmania upgrade
  • Multienv possible and a Trackmania 2 title with all modes
  • Carmix possible in multienv title: Select any TM² car in Canyon or Valley
  • Scripted mode all redone to open to even more custom modes
  • Solo: add ghost & medals to custom campaigns

Shootmania upgrade
  • netcode: major improvement thank to an innovative netvision layer
  • gameplay: new freelook key, progressive walljumps, more stamina etc.
  • many more gameplay blocks: teleport, force field & gates, slides, sound blocker etc.
  • many more visual blocks: for bunkers, fences, woods, stones, walls, signs etc.

  • the universal demo
[Source: Maniaplanet forum]

The full changelog can bew viewed in the Maniaplanet forums.
Last modified by Marcel (02.05.2014, 19:03)

1 Comment
(06.05.2014, 17:01)
Newest Comment by caerphoto
Maniaplanet to allow more diversity for
• maps: thanks to the ability to remove constraints from the editor
In other words, blockmixing is now built-in! Biggrin (click the Hammer icon then go to Unlock Experimental Features)

It definitely makes it easier to experiment with mixing!

FunTrackers Easter Special 2014 - Finished!
News published by Marcel (27.04.2014, 11:30)
FT Easter Special
» FunTrackers Easter Special 2014 - Finished!

A week has passed since Psyduck recovered the broken eggs from the cloud, and luckily some of you were able to but them all back together.

So as every year, I now want to release the positions of all the egg pieces. The pieces will stay in the forums for some more days, so that you can verify those you were missing, yet no new pieces will be marked as found any longer.

So let's begin:

Bay Egg:

[Image: 01.png] Bay header egg piece

[Image: 02.png] Open the source code of any page, and scroll down. In the very last line, there is a comment with the link: Copy&Paste it into your browser's address bar to get this piece.

[Image: 03.png] On the clanpage index, scroll down. Slightly hidden behind the shoutbox.

[Image: 04.png] Visit the profile of any of the clan members, or view any posts of them: Wherever the "FT Member" badge is displayed, the last Bay piecer replaces the "FT" logo which is normally there.

Canyon Egg:

[Image: 05.png] Canyon header egg piece.

[Image: 06.png] View the profile of Psyduck. On the avatar, he tries to hide the egg piece behind him Biggrin

[Image: 07.png] Timed piece in the "Who's online" box, during the minutes 00 to 15 of the hours 09 to 14 (CEST).

[Image: 08.png] On the forum index, at the left mostly hidden behind the "Overview" box.

Coast Egg:

[Image: 09.png] Coast header egg piece.

[Image: 10.png] In FT eXchange, at the bottom right corner of the page.

[Image: 11.png] In the Forum statistics, as a third tab in the summary category.

Desert Egg:

[Image: 12.png] Desert header egg piece.

[Image: 13.png] In the forum rules, next to the language flags.

[Image: 14.png] Go into the User CP, and look in the menu to the left: There is a new option "Register Egg Piece".

[Image: 15.png] Go into the User CP, and compose a new private message. At the bottom of the page.

Island Egg:

[Image: 16.png] Island header egg piece.

[Image: 17.png] Go into the User CP, and edit your profile. At the bottom right corner of the page, slighlty hidden behind the boxes.

[Image: 18.png] Timed piece in the "Who's online" box, during the minutes 00 to 15 of the hours 15 to 20 (CEST).

Rally Egg:

[Image: 19.png] Rally header egg piece.

[Image: 20.png] In the forum help pages, bottom right corner.

[Image: 21.png] Open the forum statistics, and click on "MyBB Classic Statistics", in the bottom right corner.

[Image: 22.png] View the forum index, and scroll down. In the forum icon legend, there is a fourth entry "Forum is Easter Egg Piece" with the egg piece as icon.

Snow Egg:

[Image: 23.png] Snow header egg piece.

[Image: 24.png] Open any forum, and scroll down: Mostly hidden at the bottom right corner of the page behind the boxes.

[Image: 25.png] Open the forum search, and enter any search term which finds some threads: The egg piece is at the bottom on the result page of the search.

[Image: 26.png] The code of it is in my user title. Yet you have to assemble the URL to register it on your own. So click on any other egg piece (e.g. that one in the header), and replace everything behind the "code=" in the address with the code of my user title.

[Image: 27.png] On the forum index, replacing the icon next to the statistics at the bottom of the page.

Stadium Egg:

[Image: 28.png] Stadium header egg piece.

[Image: 29.png] Timed piece in the "Who's online" box, during the minutes 00 to 15 of the hours 21 to 02 (CEST).

[Image: 30.png] The egg smiley: Write :egg: in a post or the shoutbox, and it gets replaced with the egg smiley: Egg

Valley Egg:

[Image: 31.png] Open the easter special script without cliking on any egg piece, e.g. using the menu on the left. When no egg piece has been registered with this script call, the egg piece replaces the white egg which is normally there.

[Image: 32.png] Timed piece in the "Who's online" box, during the minutes 00 to 15 of the hours 03 to 08 (CEST).

[Image: 33.png] Right within the news, next to the rules. I wasn't able to make it easier Biggrin

[Image: 34.png] Show any thread, at the bottom of the page.

[Image: 35.png] Open the news list, and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

[Image: 36.png] Canyon header egg piece.

Storm Master Egg:

As in some of the last specials, there was an additional egg which has not been listed, but was findable right from the beginning: The Master Storm Egg. As soon as you find one of its pieces, or complete all of the other eggs, the easter script will list this egg and also show who of the others completed it. (This means as long as you have not unlocked the Master egg, you do not see that others already completed it.)

The Master egg pieces were tried to be hidden harder, yet it seemed that this year the Master egg was too easy: 6 of you were able to complete this egg. Congratulation to all of you who found at least one of its pieces Thumbsup

[Image: 37.png] Message Psyduck with a private message, specifying "easter" or "egg" in the title or message, and additionally "storm" as the color of the Master Egg. Psyduck will answer you right back with the egg piece.

[Image: 38.png] Call "" or "" to get redirected to the easter script with this piece marked as found.

Additional Information:

As in the last years, in each of the themes of the forum were one egg piece hidden right in the header, combined with the easter special logo. Rotating through all the themes (doing so in the User CP -> "Edit Options" in the bottom right of the page), and you will find all 9 pieces hidden there.

A second bunch of eggs were also re-used from last year: The timed eggs in the "Who's online" box of the index page. This year, there was always an egg in the minutes 00 to 15 of each hour, yet the four egg pieces were scattered over the whole day, each of them using 6 hours of the day. So only if you came back reguraly to different times of the day, you were able to find all of these four pieces ^^ It seems that the Valley piece (shown in the hours 03 to 0Cool was the hardest one of these four -- Not already awake this early in the week? Biggrin

One completely new way to hide an egg was to only give you the code: The top left part of the Snow egg. You had to see that all egg pieces call the easter.php with the code attached in the address bar, and to replace the code with that one from my user title. Seems as most of you were able to add this code to the found pieces ^^

Psyduck's egg piece:

Psyduck was also involved this year: When writing "easter" or "egg" in a private message (it doesn't matter if subject or message), you trigger Psyduck to respond you. Yet he had different anwsers, depending on what environment you added to the message.

When adding no environment, he only apoligizes for the broken eggs. But did you notice, that he spoke of being unable to "fix any of the ten eggs"? he already revealed that there was an additional Master egg hidden in this year Biggrin

To get the piece, you had to write "Storm" in the private message, the color of the Master egg. How to know that "Storm" is required? First, Psyduck had a Canyon piece two years ago, where you had to write "Canyon" to him to get the egg piece. Second: There were a Valley and a Storm egg last year. As Valley became a theme of the forum and thus its egg was one of the normal one, only the Storm was left as color for the Master egg.

But only few hours after the special started, I though "What have I done?" -- During the last week, Psyduck was spammed with no less than 245 private messages from you, trying to get a piece (or a second one ^^) from him. Next to 36 mails, checking a place used in the last year, but which had no piece this year Biggrin

So what about the rankings?

Congratulation to:

Cupnadeo Joyeux, Osaka-san, Sriver and lolig for completing all the eggs!
Cupgold Snakey, having only one of the times egg pieces missing!
Cupsilver Mandark with two missing pieces, yet a completed Master egg!
Cupbronze Rast, Adsun and kastun with 3 missing pieces!

And of course thank you to all of you who participated in the easter special Thumbsup

Next year I won't use the cloud again to store the eggs. Why does such misfortune always happen to me? Psyduck
Last modified by Marcel (27.04.2014, 11:31)

(27.04.2014, 12:32)
Newest Comment by Rast
There's no way to open the source code on an ipad Sad Congratulations!

FunTrackers Easter Special 2014
News published by Marcel (20.04.2014, 13:48)
FT Easter Special
» FunTrackers Easter Special 2014 - Let the Search Begin!

Few days before...

Ah there it is, the parcel with all the eggs I want to hide this year. High quality eggs, as known from the past years. Ah, and all the nice colors...

But there are few days left until sunday, so I have to store them. In the big safe in the cellar? Better not, then I loose them again when taking them back to the lobby. But I cannot let them here, the users may already find them.

Ah, I know. I store them in the cloud, there they should be safe. Newest technologies ftw Biggrin

Sunday morning, time to finally hide the eggs...

So, time to get back the eggs from the cloud.

ERROR: Data corrupted. Reconstruction incomplete.

What?! No, not that! My nice eggs... all broken into pieces! Not again Sad (At least it's not my fault this time...)

Damn it. Now I have quite more pieces than eggs before, I must hurry to get them all hidden.

And so Psyduck rushed through the halls of the clan, and hide all the pieces.

Hmm, a little late, but I am finally done Biggrin Let the Egg (Piece) search begin! Psyduck

[Image: IhESFWU939gajssp.png]Rules:
  • Find all the egg pieces which have been hidden by Psyduck. To mark an egg piece as found, simply click on it: You will get redirected to a script listing the progress of your eggs.
  • The eggs pieces are hidden on the Clanpage only. You do not require a TMF or Maniaplanet account to find all eggs, yet you must be registered to the forums to get to all locations.
  • The egg pieces all appear in their full shape, having the missing part of the egg replaced with the white one, like displayed next to the rules.
  • White eggs or eggs from the last specials are not part of the hidden eggs, and do not count.
  • All locations are fair: You do not have to browse through all threads or all pages of anything.
  • Please be fair, too: Do neither tell any of the eggs' locations, nor do ask for any of them.

Are you ready? May the search begin! Biggrin

Last modified by Marcel (21.04.2014, 22:17)

(20.04.2014, 15:10)
Newest Comment by Sriver
Happy Easter! Wink2

Seven Years FunTrackers Clan - New Valley Design! - Happy Birthday!
News published by Marcel (03.03.2014, 09:34)
Seven Years FunTrackers Clan - Happy Birthday!
» Seven Years FunTrackers Clan - Happy Birthday!

We are writing the 3rd March today, this means that the clan got yet another year older. If the three founders Snakey3000, Dany and Justicool back then expected that their clan will last that long?

Sadly, I had not much time to follow all the activities of the clan, or the Maniaplanet and TrackMania community itself. Next to the obligatory Easter Special of the clan, the biggest event was the release of TrackMania² Valley, the ninth environment of TrackMania in total.

» New Valley Design!

So I thought: "Why not at least finish the Valley design of the clanpage as birthday present?". You should already noticed it: Today is in the color of Valley, the same green-bluish color as already used in the clan skins.

So what about turning the table this time: What happened to you during the last year? Either TrackMania/Maniaplanet related, or important things in your private life: Write them down into the comments below Wink2

Last modified by Marcel (03.03.2014, 09:36)

(03.03.2014, 15:42)
Newest Comment by Snakey
Happy Birthday, FT! Biggrin

Actually, in 2007 I had no idea how long this clan would last. Lots of things have happened since then.
The Forever update, the FTC, our server (but especially PPO) and our manialink are just a few things I remember very well.

In the recent months our clan became very inactive. I still visit our website regularly, and I still hope activity will pick up slowly again.
But if I speak of myself I have to say that I actually don't see me returning to TM and play it as much as I did more than three years ago. I think that's because back then we got seven environments from 2003-2006, but only two new environments from 2006-now. Still, the times I have been active in the TM community and FT were great!

@ Marcel: I have been online today at around 3am and just noticed the new clan page design. I have to say it's ablsolutely awesome. Good work!
Can we expect another Easter Special from you?

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