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New Clan Skins: Canyon & Valley!
News published by Marcel (17.08.2013, 10:22)
General News
» New Clan Skins: Canyon & Valley!

So after a long time, especially regarding the Canyon car, I decided to create new clan skins for the Maniaplanet environments. I am not the best skinner out there, but I am kind of happy how both of them turned out Smile

[Image: skinsCanyonValley.png]

I tried to keep them in the style of the Forever skins, with the FT logo on the sides and some stripes and arrows on top. I think you have to look for yourself ingame, to see all the details of the skins Wink2

You can find the downloads in the internal forums: [Invalid Thread ID]

And with these skins, another thing is announced: As the skins always use the forum colors, you get a first impression of how the Valley theme will look like. I decided to stay with a color near to the green Rally, yet mixing it to some blueish to make it kind of different. I think this color matches pretty good the Vellay environment, what do you think?

I yet did not have time to actually create the forum design for Valley, and I don't know how long I will need to do so. You will see it as soon as it's ready for sure Tongue

Have fun with the skins, and maybe we see each other with those on the servers Biggrin

(22.08.2013, 13:05)
Newest Comment by Shock
Great skins! Biggrin

TrackMania² Valley - Release!
News published by Marcel (06.07.2013, 12:03)
ManiaPlanet News
» TrackMania² Valley - Release!

I think, you all noticed it, that Nadeo released TrackMania² Valley few days ago. Without the need to do any alpha or beta before, only BAM here it is Biggrin

I also added Valley to FT eXchange, so you should be now able to upload your Valley maps to our clanpage.
Sadly, I currently do not have the time to create an own theme for valley, nor to create all the icons in FTX. So for now, Valley uses the same color as Rally in FTX, and some of the (less important) icons are missing... But I think this should be okay for now Wink2

So have fun while playing Valley.
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(06.07.2013, 15:39)
Newest Comment by Osaka-san
Valley has a big feeling of Rally 2.0, I'd suggest using a very similar colour whenever you manage to build the theme.

FunTrackers Easter Special 2013 - Finished!
News published by Marcel (07.04.2013, 10:17)
FT Easter Special
» FunTrackers Easter Special 2013 - Finished!

So one week passed since Psyduck threw all the eggs away (as you saw on 1st april Ugly ), and as every year, I now want to list all the eggs locations. The eggs will remain in the forum for some additional days, so that you can proove all of their locations, yet none of them will be marked as found any longer Wink2

So I think it is no secret, that the eggs were grouped into four groups, where ech group has one egg per environment in the colors known from the forum. Let's call the groups "Full Eggs", "Top Shape Eggs", "Bottom Shape Eggs" and "FT Logo Eggs" as of the parts which are colored.

So let's start with the easiest one.

FT Logo Eggs
[Image: 3.png][Image: 7.png][Image: 11.png][Image: 15.png][Image: 19.png][Image: 23.png][Image: 27.png][Image: 31.png]

The FT Logo Eggs used a location, which was already used in the last years. They all share the same location, trying to hide where everybody will look first. Only together they were able to distract some of the users, yet those of you taking part in the Easter special each year of course already knew their secret.

All of the eggs are in the "Easter Special" logo at the top right of the page, next to the header. Each egg only appears in its related Theme of the forum, so to get all eight eggs, you have to rotate through all of the Themes. To do so, go into the User CP -> Edit Options -> Other Options (bottom right) -> Board Style, and select a Theme in the dropdown.

Full Eggs
[Image: 0.png][Image: 4.png][Image: 8.png][Image: 12.png][Image: 16.png][Image: 20.png][Image: 24.png][Image: 28.png]

The full eggs all replaced another image of the forum. Some of them appeared a lot smaller than the other eggs, so you must look closely to actually see them -- Yet the unique shape of the eggs is not that hard to see Wink2

[Image: 0.png] View any page where the users' avatars are displayed, including the rank. Normally, yellow or blue stars represent the rank of the user, but during the Easter Special, these stars have been replaced with the Full Bay Egg.

[Image: 4.png] View the FT eXchange. Wait until the page has loaded, and look closely into the box with the filter criteria. Right next to the difficulties, there is the little yellow Full Canyon Egg, trying to hide as another filter criterium ^^

[Image: 8.png] Ever looked into my profile? The Full Coast Egg replaces my avatar, which normally is a green orb with an "M". At least the color was mostly the same Biggrin

[Image: 12.png] Open the User CP and look into the menu. At the bottom of it, there is an additional item "Easter Special", having the Full Desert Egg as its icon.

[Image: 16.png] View any forum or subforum. At the bottom of the page, the Full Island Egg replaces the forum icon of the "Locked Thread" in the legend.

[Image: 20.png] This egg has been leaked several times, has been edited to not show its location, and has been re-posted minutes later: The Egg-Smiley. Type :egg: anywhere with enabled BBCodes, and it will get replaced with the Full Rally Egg. See: Egg ^^

[Image: 24.png] View the Forum Home and scroll down. Instead of the statistics icon, the Full Snow Egg tried to hide there.

[Image: 28.png] The Full Stadium Egg tried to hide as the Icon of the news announcing the Easter Special. It hoped, that its colorless gray confuses the users to think that it is not part of the Easter Special, yet it definitly failed ^^

Top Shape Eggs
[Image: 1.png][Image: 5.png][Image: 9.png][Image: 13.png][Image: 17.png][Image: 21.png][Image: 25.png][Image: 29.png]

The Top Shaped Eggs all appear on a specific page, often at the bottom of the page or slightly hidden behind some other boxes. So browsing through all the pages will reveal them sooner or later.

[Image: 1.png] Open the Help of the forum, and look at the bottom right of the page. There you see the Top Shape Bay Egg, not even trying to hide itself.

[Image: 5.png] Right within the User CP when you click on Edit Profile, again at the bottom left of the page.

[Image: 9.png] Add or edit a News Comment, at the left hidden behind the editor box. Important: You must add or edit a Comment of the Easter Special news, the Top Shape Coast Egg will not appear at any other news Wink2

[Image: 13.png] Open the Buddy List (Link is right below the Easter Special Logo at the top right). You cannot miss the Top Shape Desert Egg within there.

[Image: 17.png] The Top Shape Island Egg never appears in its Egg form, yet you find it on every single page. Where? Open the source code of the page (Ctrl+U in most browsers), and scroll down to the very bottom. In the second last name, you see the link to the easter script in a comment. Copy&Paste the URL to your browser's address bar to get that egg.

[Image: 21.png] Open the Rules of the forum, and switch to the German Forum Rules. At the bottom left, the Top Shape Rally Egg tries to hide behind the rules box ^^

[Image: 25.png] Right within the Easter Script, the Top Shape Snow Egg tried to hide next to all the other eggs you already found. Look to the top right corner of the box containing your found eggs: It may be hard to see, but there is a little bit Snow Blue behind that box. (You have to click to the right of the egg, the top part of it is not clickable.)

[Image: 29.png] Show any thread of the forums. Again at the bottom left of the page.

Bottom Shape Eggs
[Image: 2.png][Image: 6.png][Image: 10.png][Image: 14.png][Image: 18.png][Image: 22.png][Image: 26.png][Image: 30.png]

The Bottom Shape Eggs were hidden harder. This is because most of the eggs do not appear all the time, so you may either have to wait, or to reload the same page over and over again to eventually find the eggs. Exceptions from this are the Bay Egg (where I had no idea anymore where to hide it, and thus were hidden as the Top Shape Eggs), and the Snow Egg (which seems to be a little bit too hard Biggrin ).

[Image: 2.png] Open the Statistics and within there the Threads tab to have the Top Shape Bay Egg revealed at bottom left.

[Image: 30.png] On the Clanpage index, right within the FTX Box. The Bottom Shape Stadium Egg is a little shy, so it will only appear after 20 seconds (when the Box switches to the second track). Wait a little bit, and you'll see it Wink2

[Image: 10.png][Image: 22.png] Both the Bottom Shape Coast Egg and the Bottom Shape Rally Egg only appears with a probability of 20%. So you have to reload the page to eventually see them. Yet, they are still a little bit hidden. The Coast Egg is on the Clanpage index, the Rally Egg on the []Forum Home[/url], both tried to hide behind the Shoutbox.

[Image: 6.png][Image: 14.png][Image: 18.png] These three Eggs, Canyon, Desert and Island, share the same location: The "Who's online" box at the Clanpage index. Yet, all three of them are quite busy, so they only appear few minutes. But you can calculate, when they appear, it is not random ^^ They use a 4 hours period, so when I write "Hour 1" below, it means "Hours 1, 5, 9, 13, ..." of each day. The Desert Egg where hidden twice, to additionally confuse you if you start looking through the system Biggrin (All times in CEST, UTC+2)
  • Hour 1, Minutes 30 to 45: Canyon
  • Hour 2, Minutes 15 to 30: Desert
  • Hour 3, Minutes 0 to 15: Island
  • Hour 4, Minutes 45 to 60: Desert

[Image: 26.png] The impossible Egg? Maybe. Unfair? Nope. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Do you see the "Contact Us" in the footer bar?


So hard to send any Mail to the support address of the forum, to get the Egg directly in the auto-response? Biggrin
Some of you tried to send an email to Psyduck, yet this is (unluckily) another mail address. The idea was good, you only had the wrong link Wink2

Master Eggs
[Image: storm.png][Image: valley.png]

How many eggs to the best users this year miss? One? Nope. Three. As some years before, there were two additional Eggs, not listed on the Easter Script, but findable from the very start. Only if you managed to find a Master Egg, you would have seen who of the others find it, too. Or if somebody would have been able to find all 32 eggs (then the Master Eggs would have been listed as missing on the Easter script.)

Unluckily, nobody even knew that they exist. They were hidden hard. Even harder than the Bottom Shape Snow Egg.

[Image: 32.png] Master Storm Egg
Open the forum search, and enter "Storm".

[Image: 33.png] Master Valley Egg
Open FT eXchange, and enter "Valley".

Impossible. Unfair. Call it what you want. I call them "Master Eggs" Biggrin

Congratulation for finding nearly all Eggs:
Cupgold Sriver and Snakey for finding 31 eggs
Cupsilver Nimrod, Mandark, kastun for finding 30 eggs
Cupbronze Osaka-san for finding 29 eggs

Well done!

Of course a Thank You to all other who took part in the Easter Special. It is hard to find new locations every year, but seeing you going crazy by trying to find the last missing eggs is always fun... at least for me Biggrin

What do you think, did I hide the eggs hard enough? Psyduck
(07.04.2013, 11:19)
Newest Comment by Snakey
Great Easter Special! I did click on 'Contact Us' a few times, but thought that sending an e-mail was going to far. Unhappy

FunTrackers Easter Special 2013
News published by Marcel (31.03.2013, 10:09)
FT Easter Special
» FunTrackers Easter Special 2013 - Are you ready?

Saturday evening. Psyduck gets back from a little trip outside...
Quaaaak, why is it still so cold? Aren't we supposed to have April the next days? And yet, it's still snowing...

Speaking from April, this remembers me of Easter, starting tomorrow. The last year, I was kinda clumsy with the eggs. Once I lost them because of a hole in my basket, once they got stolen, and last year, I even stepped on the eggs so that they all broke... I don't know why, but the user seem to like searching for all the eggs. So maybe I should hide them this year for my own. Should leave a better impression than last years Biggrin

Sunday morning. Time for Psyduck to finally hide the eggs...

Hmm, not easy to find nice places for all the eggs. I think next year I'll prefer the hole-in-the-basket method, this was way easier Biggrin

Psyduck looks on his watch.

Woah, already this late? How can this be? I still have many eggs left, and I think the users are already waiting for the search to begin!?

Ah, I totally forgot about it. Today the clocks have been switched to summer time, so one hour is missing... I think I have no other choice...

Psyduck throws the remaining eggs in all directions to hide them as fast as possible.

Done Biggrin Let the Egg Search begin! Psyduck

  • Find all the eggs which have been hidden by Psyduck. To mark an Egg as found, simply click on it: You will get redirected to a script listing all of your eggs.
  • The Eggs are hidden on the Clanpage only. You do not require a TMF or Maniaplanet account to find all eggs, yet you must be registered to the forums to get to all locations.
  • White eggs or eggs from the last specials are not part of the hidden Eggs, and do not count.
  • All locations are fair: You do not have to browse through all threads or all pages of anything.
  • Please be fair, too: Do neither tell any of the eggs' locations, nor do ask for any of them.

Are you ready? May the search begin! Biggrin

Last modified by Marcel (31.03.2013, 10:16)

(31.03.2013, 15:11)
Newest Comment by Nimrod
beautiful story Biggrin

Six Years FunTrackers Clan - Happy Birthday!
News published by Marcel (03.03.2013, 11:51)
Six Years FunTrackers Clan - Happy Birthday!
» Six Years FunTrackers Clan - Happy Birthday!

Six years ago, there were three young gamers, playing a game called "TrackMania". All of them wanted to be in a clan, but as they preferred mapping to actually driving the maps, none of the existing clans seems to be the best of their choice. And so, on a rainy day, they decided to found yet another clan. Not a driving clan, but a clan of skilled mapper. Three TrackManiacs, and the name "FunTrackers": This was all they had to start with.

And now, there is the FT logo next to this text, already gathering 6 candles to represent the age of the clan. 6 years... I wonder if they knew right from the launch, that the clan will last a so long time. Many things changed. TrackMania United has been replaced with its Forever version, new members joined, old members left. Maniaplanet was launched after long waiting, yet the game and also the clan had still problems with their activity.

So as every year, the birthday news will shortly conclude what happened the last year. I think it is no secret, that the Easter Special was as always frustrating some members, not able to find the final egg pieces. And enjoying at the same time, at least for me Biggrin

The next event was not so happy: The old hoster bplaced disabled the whole website, as of disallowing any kind of Shoutboxes. It was only few days, yet without the Shoutbox, something was missing on the Clanpage. And so the whole page finally moved to another, private server hosted by the owner of and kindly offered for free to host our clanpage on it. So whenever yopu here the name "Mika" in TrackMania or ShootMania, always remember that without him, we still won't have the Shoutbox back Wink2

And time passes. We are writing the July of last year, ShootMania: Storm was already announced. And yet, it was a great surprise, that I was invited to the very first alpha of the new game. Planned to be already released before christmas, Nadeo had to delay it more and more... having it not released even to the current day.

And there was another suprise in the last year: Not TrackMania² Valley, as it was already known that it will be revealed sooner or later, but TrackMania² Stadium, which launched open Beta few days ago. Nadeo never spoke a word about this, and BAM there was the first trailer. Never mentioning again, and BAM, there was the open beta of it. This is a boost for the activity in Maniaplanet, and the clan istelf became more active with the open betas of Storm and Stadium.

So another year passed. And the timeline of the clan will go on. Did something bigger happen in your private life? Feel free to share your own review of the last year in the comments below Wink2

Trivia: Did you know, that the exact day on which the clan was founded is not known? Already on the first birthday, none of the founders ware able to remember the day, only that it was around the beginning of March. And so the birthday was simply set to the 3rd of March Happy

(03.03.2013, 11:52)
Newest Comment by Marcel
And so I will make the start, as there was a big change in my life last year.

After finishing my study of Computer Science after 5 years, I finally began to work as web developer to eventually earn my own money. And exactly this is what steals nearly all of my time since few months now.

But don't worry: Although development of my private projects go slower now, I did not forget the Clanpage at all. There is something happening behind the scenes, yet it will take more time until it is ready Wink2

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