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TrackMania² Stadium Open Beta
News published by Marcel (27.02.2013, 19:46)
ManiaPlanet News
» TrackMania² Stadium Open Beta!

Nadeo released TrackMania² Stadium few moments ago, bringing the good old Stadium environment right into your Maniaplanet. Improved graphics, modified sounds and all features known from TrackMania² Canyon like custom Gamemodes are waiting for you to be tested.

TrackMania² Stadium is currently available as Open Beta. If you already have installed Maniaplanet, simply click on an empty station in the main menu, select Stadium from the titles list, and start playing the good old envi. If you do not yet own a Maniaplanet title, you can download it on Next to ShootMania Storm, which is in Open Beta phase for quite a while now.

There is also a pre-order available: With a 10% discount from the final price, you can already unlock all the features of TrackMania² Stadium like official races, which are not available to the free Beta accounts.

Welcome back, Stadium!
(28.02.2013, 17:05)
Newest Comment by Lodec
do you know anything about how to activate your preordered account after you already downloaded and installed the beta?

Forum Registrations re-opened!
News published by Marcel (14.11.2012, 18:02)
General News
» Forum Registrations re-opened!

I am happy to announce, that from now on registrations on the forum are opened again, without sending me an eMail Wink2

To avoid the known problem with the spambots, new users now require to validate themselves with either their Maniaplanet account, or theit TrackMania Forever account. Spambots should not be able to bypass this additional step.

This feature was planned for a longer time now, and I finally took the time to implement it. Let's see if it actually prevents Spambots to register without locking out all the other users Wink2

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Maniaplanet Announcements: Storm Beta2, Valley and Stadium!
News published by Marcel (02.11.2012, 18:13)
ManiaPlanet News
» Maniaplanet Announcements: Storm Beta2, Valley and Stadium!

On the Paris Games Week, Nadeo announced quite a lot about Maniaplanet and Storm in detail.

ShootMania: Storm will get a new Beta, offering some new features like a Gravity Hook, Laser that can destroy Rockets and Nucleus, and a total of 33 new blocks.
Beta 2 coming on 12th December 2012, Final Released set to 23rd January 2013.

TrackMania: Stadium has been announced to be ported to Maniaplanet. Both Stadium and Storm will have a Freezone, i.e. they will be (partially) playable for free. No further details announced to it for now.
Release scheduled for Q1 2013.

TrackMania²: Valley has been shown with a new Trailer, too. As a Noslide environment, it will be a nice contrast to Canyon as the second TM² environment.
Release of Valley is scheduled for Q1 2013, too.

Sadly, again no information about QuestMania. Maybe next time? Biggrin

For a detailed German report, head over to Wink2
(02.11.2012, 19:01)
Newest Comment by Snakey
Valley looks awesome! Smile

FunTrackers Clanpage moved onto another Server
News published by Marcel (30.04.2012, 17:41)
General News
» FunTrackers Clanpage moved onto another Server

If you read this News, then the Clanpage has successfully moved to a new server.

bplaced was a very nice Freehoster from the beginning, and although it was free, you had no adverts (except on error pages). But there also always have been a lot of restrictions, the latest one was that we had to disable the Shoutbox to keep the website running. This last move two week ago lead me to the decision, to finally change to another server.

As you may know, the Manialink already has been on another server, as bplaced completely refused hosting it. Now, I moved the Clanpage to exactly the same server, still free for me, still without any adverts, but without most of the restrictions of bplaced. This server is a private server, which e.g. hosts the, and because I am one of the Administrators of this webiste, too, I am allowed to use this server for free for our Clanpage, as I was allowed to use it for my Manialinks in the past Wink2

With this movement, bplaced is past, and so are its restrictions. Welcome back, FT»Shoutbox Biggrin

Currently, there are some problems with the
There are still few problems with the, which I was unable to test before the movement, and thus were not expected to happen. Currently, only "" is working, all subdomains (like "") don't (whereas "" of course works). I will try to fix this as fast as possible, meanwhile, those subdomain gets redirected to the working ones.

Okay, I was able to solve the remaining domain problem together with the server administrator, I hope now everything works fine as before ^^

Last modified by Marcel (01.05.2012, 11:50)

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Shoutboxes not longer allowed on bplaced
News published by Marcel (17.04.2012, 09:17)
General News
» Shoutboxes no longer allowed on bplaced

You may have noticed that yesterday night the website was no longer available. The reason is, that bplaced, the Hoster of the Clanpage, does no longer allow any kind of Shoutboxes on the websites, and they shut down our account as of violating the rules.

As consequence, I had to disable the Shoutbox to get our website back running. I am sorry for that, but there is currently no other way to keep our website.

I am already thinking about an alternative way to show a Shoutbox without violating the rules of bplaced, but I expect that it will require some weeks until we have our Shoutbox back... Sad

Please use the Offtopic as a replacement for the Shoutbox meanwhile.

Last modified by Marcel (17.04.2012, 09:36)

(17.04.2012, 20:30)
Newest Comment by Nimrod
Thats sad, the shoutbox was the most active part of the clan Sad do you know why the shoutbox isn't allowed?
But its great that the site is back Thumbsup
edit: oh, just read the thread

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