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FunTrackers Easter Special 2012 - Finished!
News published by Marcel (15.04.2012, 22:44)
FT Easter Special
» FunTrackers Easter Special 2012 - Finished!

One week past since Psyduck accidently broke the eggs, so it is time to reveal all the egg pieces and their locations. As always, with publishing this News no egg will be marked as found any longer, but they will remain for another couple of days, so that you can verify there locations Wink2

Additionally, you now see which user found which egg pieces in the Easter Special page. (The table is not very nice to look at, but at least it gives a nice overview about how often a piece has been found. This table was btw. visible to me the whole time Biggrin)

General information:

There were a total number of 8 eggs, one egg for each TrackMania environment including TM² Canyon, colored as the Themes of the forum. Nevertheless, the actual amount of pieces the eggs were splitted into differed from egg to egg: The Canyon egg had the most pieces with 7, whereas Rally and Stadium had the fewest with 2 pieces. Totally, there were 30 pieces to find.

Each Egg has one of its pieces hidden right within the header of the corresponding theme. So with rotating through all 8 Themes of the FunTrackers forum, you are able to already find one piece of each egg. These eggs will be named as "Header Egg" in the following list.

So let's go through the eggs in alphabetical order:

Blue Bay Egg
The Blue Bay Egg was one of the easiest egg, as all pieces show up in obvious locations (as long as they show up at all Biggrin)
[Image: ABHx2wbiT8eTMIje.png]: In the top left corner of the Header. This egg shows up randomly with a 10% chance, so you may have to refresh the page several times before actually seeing this egg.
[Image: ApF7ubJHEJlmSrGn.png]: Bay Header Egg.
[Image: AzSHeVtkSYKmXA3Z.png]: Right within the news article of the Easter Special 2012, in the bottom right corner of it.

Yellow Canyon Egg
The Yellow Canyon Egg, though, was one of the hardest. Not only it had the most pieces beyond the eggs, some of them were hidden very hard.
[Image: B1XDPTQfBLZhuNXU.png]: Psyduck's Egg. Send a Private Message to Psyduck with "Canyon", and "Easter" or "egg" in the title or message of it. See below for more information.
[Image: BcZqbgjL9SaVscyT.png]: The second hardest piece of the Canyon egg. Go into the FT eXchange, and open the "Author" dropdown list. Select "Easter Egg Piece" right within there, to have this piece revealed. Or did you believed the red piece in the bottom was the only one in the FTX? Biggrin
[Image: BHgGKolMaH14YVSa.png]: Canyon Header Egg.
[Image: BlBzHhgY1SQtxmGM.png]: Directly on the Easter Special page (where your found eggs are listed), scroll down and look into the bottom right corner.
[Image: BSLtCEBGtjuljEqY.png]: Add or Edit a Comment to a News article, in the bottom right corner of the page.
[Image: Bv61C3tTXdtW6FH4.png]: View the Rules of the FunTrackers forum, and switch to the German version of it. Together with the Desert piece, they should distract from each other as they look quite similar Wink2
[Image: BXOOPPL1T4jrzP6D.png]: View the forum index, next to the icon legend at the bottom of the page.

Green Coast Egg
The green Coast egg was one of the easiest egg... As long as you looked through its secret Biggrin
[Image: CaXExB9eM5MAzE6s.png]: Coast Header Egg.
[Image: CrhMYXXcquLi7TJb.png] & [Image: CXczinkvLZFgzXAM.png]: Right within the "Who's online" box in the index page, labeled with "1 egg piece online". The secret behind these two eggs is, that both show up only in the first half of an hour (minutes 0 to 29), but where the first one only showed in even hours, the second one used the odd hours of the day. Together with there very similar look, they tried to fool you thinking that there is always the same egg in the "Who's online" box... Did it work? Biggrin

Orange Desert Egg
You had to search a bit to complete the Desert Egg. No posts in the forum? Then it was impossible to complete for you Biggrin
[Image: D10eJp3Ae5lhaRkn.png]: Desert Header Egg.
[Image: DascoJR8ys4Iif7I.png]: View the English Rules of the forum. Together with the Canyon piece, they should distract from each other, as they look quite similar Wink2
[Image: DpUykoyRN7c9j0Lh.png]: In the Member List of the forum, click on the letter "E" (like in "Easter" or "Egg"), and the piece pops in right above these letters.
[Image: DthyAPmMlY8riD3n.png]: View a thread with any of your posts. Below it, in the list of buttons like "Edit" and "Quote", there is an additional (gray) button "Egg". Oh, you have no own posts? Then get more active in the forums, damn it Ugly
[Image: DVK101QGZZxoUzCF.png]: View the Help section of the forum, directly below the header on the left hand side.

Red Island Egg
This egg consists of a big "X" piece in the middle, and four small pieces which where scattered all across the page.
[Image: E7dCGbOT6wSTSBtp.png]: View the User ControlPanel, in the bottom left corner of the page, right above the copyright.
[Image: EB4LTy1uP03Dsock.png]: In the FT eXchange, in the bottom right corner of the page.
[Image: Ed4PxPFNenSDDieQ.png]: Click on "Calendar" in the Menu, again above the copyright.
[Image: EhgPYDxSmXo3J4JY.png]: Island Header Egg.
[Image: Evos4Q7dwTpfsQlI.png]: Right in the FTX-Box on the index page, trying to hide as "X" where nothing can be hidden. Or did you thought this is the new logo of the FTX? Biggrin

Green Rally Egg
The hardest if you did not look through it... and the easiest, if you did Tongue
[Image: F8ElGwsjNTOrJeBp.png] & [Image: FOpkvF7MO7QIxjSb.png]: Rally Header Egg. Both? Both! Like the Coast egg pieces, the first Rally Egg piece showed up on even hours, the other on odd hours. That is the only secret behind them Biggrin (And maybe that both have a spiral like shape to distract you ^^)

Blue Snow Egg
Three pieces to form an egg: Statistics, User Profile and Header.
[Image: GIma1VRlfcW7f2Fr.png]: View the Statistics of the forum (link to it is below the "Who's online" box on the index page), and brwose to the "Track" tab of it. There you find it on the right hand side of the page.
[Image: GnMy5X1F295z0aC4.png]: Snow Header Egg.
[Image: GtMMphoHVqqpGtV2.png]: View your own profile, right next to the menu.

Black Stadium Egg:
The only egg allowed to get spoiled by you Biggrin
[Image: HnrOH6XLpMYs5V45.png]: Stadium Header Egg.
[Image: HVR4kqfqu1ZPKLQr.png]: The Egg piece with the shape of a full egg was... Our Egg-Smiley Biggrin (Type :egg: anywhere into a message, and it will be replaced with the egg as a smiley.) This egg piece got leaked in the Shoutbox after some days, making it to one of the easiest pieces to find ^^

So what is finally the secret behind Psyduck's Egg?
[Image: B1XDPTQfBLZhuNXU.png]
Sending "Egg" or "Easter" as PM to Psyduck was not enough to have him reveal his egg piece, instead he argued that he has no piece this year. So instead, you additionally had to name the Environment, from which Psyduck's egg piece was. (So finally you had to mention "Egg" or "Easter", and "Canyon" within the subject or message of the PM to get the egg piece.)
How to know the Environment is needed? One way was to find the other 6 pieces of the Canyon egg, having the middle piece left, revealing that it is shaped like Psyduck himself. The other way was to open the source code of any page of the website (e.g. Ctrl+U in Firefox), and read the comment at the top of the source code, saying that Psyducks wants to know the Environment of the egg piece.
I first planned to only have the Egg Piece shape as hint to Psyduck, but then was unsure how well known the shape of Psyduck is to you. So I placed the other hint in the location, where an egg was hidden last year Wink2
Btw: The Spamming Award goes to ciRu, who send exactly 30 Private Messages to Psyduck, hoping to finally get another egg piece from him. If there were an Egg piece for each PM, you would have get all pieces from him Ugly (Sriver "already" gave up after 17 PMs, followed by Snakey with 11 PMs Biggrin)

So finally, let's say:

Congratulation to all users completing all 8 eggs:
Cupnadeo ciRu
Cupgold Sriver
Cupsilver Cuba.CZ
Cupbronze Joyeux
Well done!

Also a big thanks to all other participants: Nothing is more fun than seeing you becoming desperate because of the last missing egg piece, which seems to be unfindable Biggrin So also a Well done! to you Wink2

Psyduck Sorry for braking the eggs, hopefully you were able to glue them back together to finally have your Easter Eggs from me... ^^

FT»Marcel and Psyduck

PS: Having any feedback or questions to the egg's locations? Do so in the Comments to improve next year's special, you are free now to speak about the pieces Biggrin
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(16.04.2012, 17:12)
Newest Comment by Nimrod
haha, I knew the middle canyon piece had to do sth with Psyduck, since I noticed it has psyduck-like silhouettes.
The Rally piece is tricky, that explains why I didn't noticed how I foudn both Tongue edit: and why I though I clicked on the coast piece even if I didn't Tongue

FunTrackers Easter Special 2012
News published by Marcel (08.04.2012, 10:48)
FT Easter Special
» FunTrackers Easter Special 2012

Psyduck: And another year passed, it's time for the Easter special. Let's see... In the last years, I always lost the Easter Eggs before I was able to hand them over to the users (or they were stolen). So this year I will wait in the lobby and will keep awake, so that nobody will be able to steal the Eggs... Yeah, that's a good idea.

And so Psyduck began to go the long way from the backend of the headquarters to the lobby. The doors of the lobby already in sight, Psyduck did not noticed the small Canyon miniature car laying in front of him on the floor...


Psyduck tapped on the car and fell, dropping the easter basket with the 8 eggs. After standing up and looking for the eggs, he had to discover that all of them are broken...

All the nice eggs are broken... Now I cannot hand them over to the users, damn it...
There is still plenty of time left until morning, so let's hide these egg pieces. The users were always so friendly helping me to find my lost eggs, so I think this year they will be happy, too, if the can search for the broken eggs Biggrin

So, finally the same procedure as every year... Did you expect anything else? Biggrin

Some additional rules and information:
  • There are exactly 8 eggs, one of each Environment, whereas each Egg is broken into an unknown number of pieces.
  • The Egg pieces are hidden on the Clanpage only. There are neither any pieces in Maniaplanet nor in TMF nor on any external pages related to the Clanpage. (This is to keep the eggs fair to everybody, especially to those not owning Maniaplanet/TrackMania² Canyon yet.)
  • You need to be registered in the forums to be able to find all egg pieces.
  • The Egg pieces may appear with the white shape in their background to form a full egg, but they may also appear as small piece only, too. (So logically not all pieces have the shape of an egg Wink2)
  • To mark an egg piece as found, simply click on it. You will get redirected to the known script from the former specials, where your found pieces are saved.
  • As always: White eggs do not count as hidden eggs, nor do any eggs in previous News articles.
  • All locations are fair: You do not have to go through each thread and through all pages of anything.
  • Please be fair, too: Do not tell any of the egg pieces locations to anybody else, and do not ask for any locations!
[Image: ApF7ubJHEJlmSrGn.png]

So let's have fun while searching for all the egg pieces... May the FunTrackers Easter Special 2012 begin! Biggrin

FT»Marcel and Psyduck
(08.04.2012, 16:17)
Newest Comment by Nimrod
This is somehow damn fun. Great work!

Five Years FunTrackers Clan - Happy Birthday!
News published by Marcel (03.03.2012, 11:09)
Five Years FunTrackers Clan - Happy Birthday!
» Five Years FunTrackers Clan - Happy Birthday!

March 3rd, 2007. Three TrackManiacs had the idea, to found their own clan, not another driver clan as there already existed, but a clan specialized on mapping. This clan should be known as "FunTrackers".

Today, the clan exists for 5 years - Happy birthday, FunTrackers Biggrin

So what happened in the last year? There is no surprise, that there was the Easter Special right after the birthday (what remembers me to slowly start preparing this years special Ugly )... A nice tradition of the Clan since the first birthday Biggrin

And there was a very big change in the world of TrackMania: ManiaPlanet and TrackMania²: Canyon has been released on September 14th, bringing the 8th environment to us - and the bright yellow Canyon theme into this forum. The milestone from Nadeo, which we have waited for so long time. (And no we are waiting on ShootMania Tongue )

But the Clan still have to fight against its major problem: Inactivity. With re-opening the applications, few new members brought a little activity back - better than nothing. Let's continue the fight, one point is already on my list which I will work on later this day ^^

Sadly, this year I do not have a present to the Clan. My study is keeping me busy, and the leftover free time has been thrown into the German Mania-Community and the Tetris ManiaLink in ManiaPlanet... But be sure, that I did not forget FT after all Wink2

» Happy Birthday, FunTrackers!

(03.03.2012, 12:38)
Newest Comment by Mandark
Happy Birthday Fun Trackers! Bananaparty

New Member: FT»Sriver
News published by Marcel (16.01.2012, 18:21)
FT Member News
» New Member: FT»Sriver

Welcome our newest Member in our Clan, Sriver, a 17 years old guy from Cologne, Germany, who started playing TrackMania back in TMO. If you are interested in his full life story, have a look in his application thread Wink2
No Comments

FT eXchange goes Canyon
News published by Marcel (05.10.2011, 18:23)
General News
» FT eXchange goes Canyon

If you take a look into FTX, you will already see the very first Canyon track uploaded to it Biggrin
Today I was able to finish the FTX upgrade to Canyon, so from now on, you should be able to upload any Canyon tracks Wink2

As shadows get saved into the track file as of ManiaPlanet, the maximum allowed filesize of ManiaPlanet maps have been increased to 1MB... I don't know if this is enough, maybe I'll adjust this in future Wink2
The current "No screen available"-screen is only temporary, I think Snakey will make a better one soon (as he wants to make the FT skin soon Biggrin)
If FTX recognizes a Canyon map, it will change some of the details you can specify, such as showing Mania-Exchange instead of TMX and disabling EnviMix.

If you encounter any problems with the new FTX (like display errors or infinite loading), press Ctrl+F5 or manually empty your browser-cache, so that the new Javascript and CSS files get loaded.
If the error persists, feel free to report it Wink2

The in last time very busy
(05.10.2011, 19:20)
Newest Comment by Nimrod
time for spamming Canyon tracks Ugly

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